Life as Art

A client came to a coaching call filled with the pain of 'one more thing' that was not working. It had been a month of difficulties in relationships, work, and health - a very real time of challenge for him. Disappointment, confusion, and discouragement were present.

Like this person, during the painful times, we may hear ourselves think, "Why does this stuff keep happening to me? It's not fair." It can be the voice of the child within us from long ago who has been disappointed in some way. Or it may be the voice that has watched a life unfold differently than what had been dreamed about in much younger days.

Yes, we are responsible for our lives and, sometimes, circumstances happen in ways that we don't intend or expect. And, we, too, know those feelings of disappointment, confusion, and discouragement. The jewel is to see what is gained from these experiences.

Moving through the resistance so all feelings could be welcomed, he was able to see that the art of love, compassion, and gifting was a direct result of life's difficult times. Who would he be now without those experiences? What had he truly gained in order to truly contribute?

I bring this to you: what have you gained from your experiences? What is an art form in the arena of life that you've nurtured during those times of difficulty?


I see the beauty and perfection in all of my experiences. I claim the artist within who reaches out to those around me with my gifts. And throughout it all, I know, beyond a doubt, that the Stillness that resides in the depths of the ocean far beneath the choppy waves is my true nature that I share with you.


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