Letting Go of Other People's Expectations

Last week I watched Maria Shriver on Oprah talk about her learning since she has become California's first lady. I thought that what she spoke about very much fit what my clients spoke about when they first entered the coaching process. How much do these questions speak to you?

Do you know who you are...really? What do you do when your life doesn't fit you? How much of your life is defined by the roles that you play? Is your identity wrapped up in what you're "supposed to do"? Do you have doubts about yourself and what you stand for? Do you feel like a shadow of yourself?

What would it be like to write your own story? Live your own legacy? Reclaim yourself? Be your own person? Take your turn? Show up in your life as yourself instead of an imitation of someone else? Really get what you're actually worth?

Maria said over and over again: "I was lost." At 52, she now feels that she is becoming who SHE wants to be and seeing so many possibilities. She is understanding that the greatest gift she can give anyone, including her family and, particularly, her children, is to truly live her life as herself.


I am at choice, and sometimes my choice is to say no. What's important is that I am true to myself and accept the sacredness of my life.


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