Key #3 to Inner Confidence

Inner confidence flows naturally when we are connected to our core, the spacious peace that is our natural state.  This spaciousness/stillness/emptiness is the Big Love, beyond the confines of the personality.

In essence, we are Love.  We are perfect.  We are whole.  At our core, we are the depths of the ocean and the expansiveness of the sky.  We are connected to everything.

A key to inner confidence is knowing this at a deep level.  As we integrate this knowing through experience rather than as a concept, the Big Love is present in our relationships to a greater extent.  From this place, we naturally stop seeking love from our relationships in a co-dependent way and have a renewed capacity to focus on giving rather than getting.

It is unrealistic to expect that our personality with all of its human conditioning and habits will not lead us to places where we forget our natural state, where we forget that we are Love.  Yet, our natural state is present when we are completely engaged in the dramatic movie of life or 'on the couch' witnessing what is happening.

When I take the time to fall back into my natural state, Life/Love flows into all of my relationships.  I am able to accept those closest to me at a level that isn't accessible to me when I'm entrapped in the conditioned thoughts, feelings, and habits that are fueled by the mind.


Give yourself the opportunity to experience Love/Peace/Stillness in whatever vehicle that calls to you.  Nurture this connection to your true nature.


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