Key #2 on the Path to Inner Confidence

In my last post, I shared, "inner confidence is not about gaining something.  What is really happening is an inhibition to the natural flow of life. There is a block to Life.  Natural confidence that resides deeply within us when we rest into peace/stillness/spaciousness is always, always present."   This is the primary key to confidence - allowing the experience of simply being to arise naturally as mental barriers drop away.

The second key to confidence is to invite in rather than resist what is present in our human experience.  Feelings and thoughts arise  spontaneously - we do not control this.  It is the resistance to what arises that causes the blockage. When we simply notice and embrace in the body whatever sensation or emotion that is in the forefront, we are free.


Take 5 minutes every day this week to focus on a feeling that is arising in the quiet. Place your hand on the place in the body that is the epicenter for this feeling.  Be with it.  Breathe into it. Embrace it.


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