It's MY Life!

Years ago when I first started coaching instead of counselling, I enrolled in a year long leadership program led by The Coaches Training Institute. This was an amazing time for me which shifted the direction of my life.  Our group met at four different times in Northern California for a week of powerful experiences that brought us to another level of connecting with ourselves and others.  The goal was to support us in finding our own message to bring to the world, one that was uniquely ours to give along with a structure within which to give it. In between sessions, we met via the phone for group calls - there were 28 of us - along with weekly phone gatherings with just our mini-pod which consisted of 6 of us.  To this day, eleven years later, the latter continues to meet and support each other in our life and work.

One of the experiences we were challenged to do was climb a 25-foot redwood tree (with a brace!) and then leap off a perch while shouting what we were jumping into within all of our heart.  When it was my turn, I spontaneously and surprisingly (to me) shouted, "It's MY life!!!!!!!!!!!!" at the top of my lungs.  This changed everything for me.

I knew that I was all about giving, pleasing, taking care of. I knew it was so easy for me to get lost in someone else's agenda.  I knew that I was focussed 'out there' and often didn't really know what I was feeling or what I wanted.

I was so ready to really claim my life. I left my marriage - a decision that was very right for me and needed to happen.  I went into coaching full time.  I moved back to the area where I grew up. I started a new life - from scratch.  My life.

The outer life changed big time; the inner life shifted more gradually.  It is from my inner journey that The Inner Confidence Process was born.

What decision is calling you in your life?  How are you moving through it?

I invite you to make contact me to explore how I can support you in creating what needs to be birthed within you.