Is it Just Me?

A client asked out loud a question that many have thought on the inside. Is it just me? Why am I so sensitive? Why do I have so much mind chatter? Why are my feelings so on the surface? Is everyone like that?

My thoughts - yes, they are - within a range. Everyone has a mind filled with concepts that are limiting and that trigger feelings. And there are people who choose to keep their inner cave dark and closed or at least parts of it - NOT wanting to poke around and find out what's really there.

There can be a consequence to this. Feelings or thoughts that are pushed down and kept in the dark can seep through the cracks (staying with the imagery of a cave) in a myriad of twisted ways like addictions, passive aggressiveness, and self-destructive or destructive behaviours. We only have to look at priests who are pedophiles, politicians who do the very thing they fight against, and the list goes on as we watch the news. What we see is ' shadow' - that which is disowned, denied and projected - out there - with the goal of keeping the cave door tightly shut.

It takes courage to open that cave door and shine a light on what is truly happening deep inside. Feeling what's there to feel as resistance only makes it stronger. Exploring. Releasing. One concept at at time to be tenderly explored and neutralized. It's a lifetime process.

It doesn't mean that we reach the place where we have no thoughts, no feelings, no unwanted body tension or pain. We're human. It just means we are able to observe, love, and accept our humanness at deeper and deeper levels. We learn compassion. We experience Presence. We live with sobriety around what's real instead of what is simply a story. We show up as our true selves instead of an image of what our minds tell us we 'should' be like. We fully engage with our lives.

For me, it's all worth it. For this client and many, many more, it's worth it. Why? I ask - why wouldn't it be?


I embrace Life - the darkness and the light. It is all One. I walk with the Divine.

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