Interviewing Teresa O'Neill - The Pleasure Coach

Firstly, I want to introduce Teresa, a dear friend and colleague, who truly walks her talk.

Natural. Real. Fresh. Creative. Fun.


Teresa O’Neill, CPCC, PCC, the founder of Become A Women Soaring, champions and supports hectic yet successful business women in claiming their own personal pleasure points.  When you work with Teresa you will learn that you must mix business with pleasure.  Her motto is “Play Powerfully, Work with Ease, and Feel the Flow”. Teresa is in her element when she sees  women celebrating and having fun.  She loves to create new opportunities and the visual reminders for them to enjoy even more space for their personal pleasure while running their businesses.

In this interview, Teresa shares her insights about pleasure and how it all ties into confidence.  She answers such questions as:  How are confidence and pleasure linked?  What does making space for pleasure give you?  How can you begin adding more pleasure to your life today?

Listen in….

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