Your Inner Teacher

mime-attachment6I have an inner teacher. You have an inner teacher. Every human being has an inner teacher. Some of the other terms for inner teacher are soul, true self, inner core, essence, higher self, big self, original nature, inner light, and integrity. Each term describes the ‘being’ part of a human being.

What you call it is not important; whether you nurture it determines the quality of your life. To nurture ‘beingness’ is to turn inward. This simple and powerful act will gradually lead you to deeply listen to yourself and your own knowing, and to connect to the inner stillness and silence that lies deep within.

Fertile ground is required to listen to your inner teacher and that takes an investment in yourself at a level beyond the daily to-do’s and preoccupations.


In this, it’s important to notice when you’re trying hard to reach a goal. Truly connecting to your inner teacher is a journey that calls for softly and tenderly moving more and more deeply into the center of you, one gentle step at a time. Deepening cannot be forced. It happens in its own time and way without an attachment for getting results. You know when you are connecting in those moments when a calmness washes over you, your heart melts, and you let go of the need to understand.

With no end point, there are fruits to this journey along the way. Presence, silence, stillness, spaciousness - this is a magical state beyond the mind’s understanding. As you open to seeing, being with, and embracing all of yourself, you gradually rest into simply being.

“Wholeness does not mean perfection:  it means embracing brokenness as an integral part of life.”  ~ Parker J. Palmer

You grow into authenticity and truth in every way - one small step at a time. You honour your soul. You value honesty so that the truth can be met. You see aspects of yourself that you've judged as bad or wrong, and you've done your best to hide, suppress, deny, or project onto another. You nurture tenderness. You feel the pain that you’ve pushed away and, by doing so, you open your heart. You experience aloneness which is very different from loneliness. You are present to whatever is happening in your body and grow to inhabit your body in a grounded, centered, alert way. You experience greater and greater creativity, flow, ease, strength, and freedom.

As trust in this inner teacher within you blossoms, you discover nurturing and genuine ways to navigate through life. Life, itself, becomes full, rich, and satisfying.


Give yourself the space to be silent. To sit. To fully rest in your chair. To connect with your breath, your heart, your belly, your feet. Be fully in your body.


What is calling for your loving and tender attention?