Inner Confidence and You

What are the ways that you know at a heart level that you have inner confidence? In other words, what are the symptoms of inner confidence for you?

On my website,, I write about this quality of being and continue to examine its flavour in my newsletters and this blog. I define inner confidence essentially as:

  • Deeply knowing yourself. This entails knowing your values, passions, strengths, callings, needs, old beliefs and much, much more.  It also means knowing at an experiential level the answer to the question, "Who am I...really?
  • Accepting the lightness and darkness of being human. You allow yourself to feel ALL of your feelings, knowing feelings are the pathway to the soul. You hear the thoughts of the mind with compassion and a curiosity so that you can separate opinion from what is true.
  • Living freely from your true self. In experiencing the answer to the question, "Who am I really?, you are able to live the challenge of being translucent. You contribute in a natural way that fits your strengths and yearnings. You are authentic in how you relate to others.

What resonates with you about what I have written? How does it fit with the meaning that you attach to inner confidence?

There are many facets to inner confidence, an ever deepening process. Landing here on this site is a sign that you want more of this. The first step is to get clear on what that 'more' looks like- for you.


I reflect with a natural curiosity and openness about my path toward inner confidence. I listen to my heart. I follow where it leads me.

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