Inner Certainty

What is inner certainty? It is the place of knowing what action is to be taken without question - in other words, without any doubt. Inner certainty is beyond the mind and often shows up in the body as a relaxed state. When we experience inner certainty, we say that the choice we're about to make "just feels right".

We all have many decisions to make, some more important than others. Often, we can feel undecided or confused. We put pressure on ourselves to get it right. We're afraid to make a mistake. Regarding a specific decision that's up for us, the mind can be filled with various, opposing points of view which can leave us feeling 'stuck' and has us stop in our tracks. Even if we do take action, we're impulsively acting to avoid the anxiety.

A client of mine has articulated what she has learned about inner certainty. When there is a decision to be made, and she notices there is a sense of urgency or anxiety attached to an action, she does nothing and simply waits. Only when she arrives at a choice that comes from a place of calmness and "feels right" at a gut level does she move forward into action. This is using the body as a compass to experience inner certainty.

How do you reach this place of inner certainty? Allowing each point of view to be heard and challenged is key to moving beyond the mind. By emptying the mind, we find Stillness - and spaciousness.

What would be different in your life if you experienced inner certainty, particularly around key decisions in your life and in your business?


I move beyond my conditioning and old habits. I wait. I listen to the Stillness. I trust what I find and move forward with inner certainty.