In-the-Body Confidence

What does a sense of confidence and well-being feel like in your body? It's important to know. Our bodies remember and can bring us back to that delicious place over and over again and more and more often. For me, it means my body is relaxed. I'm breathing easily and deeply, and I'm in the present moment aware of my inner self. My mind is quiet, and my heart is open. I'm fully listening to what's happening wherever and with whomever.

All is right in my world when I'm there. I'm so appreciative that I've opened myself to this, knowing that I focussed many years to learn what I needed to learn to get here.

Take the time today and each day to practise knowing and being yourself in this way. It is a precious gift, a blessing, to give yourself that surpasses all. It's truly our natural state.


May I feel in-the-body confident. May I know inner peace and happiness. May I exude this sacred sense of knowing who I truly am outward into my life and to all those whom I touch.


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