In Support of Confidence

What I see in my experience on this path of self-development is that there is a powerful connection between spirit and confidence - the stronger the connection to spirit, the greater the inner confidence. 

Colin Tipping who teaches 'radical forgiveness' talks about three types of intelligence - mental, emotional and spiritual. Schools focus on grooming mental intelligence. Studies actually demonstrate that an indicator of success in a person's future relies more on emotional intelligence - the ability to self-manage emotions, to collaborate, and to lead.

Taking the time to develop our spiritual intelligence - that which connects us to Divine Intelligence - supports us in knowing the truth of who we are. It gives our life a broader meaning beyond our ego's limited perceptions.

What is a practice that nourishes your connection to spirit? Is it meditation? A daily walk in nature? Your yoga practice? Quiet, reflective time within a sacred space? Writing in your journal? Reading inspirational books? Or is it a unique combination of many practices that can start (or end) your day in a way that grounds you and prepares you for the stress and challenges that may lie ahead?

Whatever you choose to do, slowing down, breathing, being in silence, reflecting and deeply listening to the core of you are important ingredients.


I am willing to be open to the possibility that everything happens for a reason. I am willing to accept that there is perfection in every moment and every situation, even though I likely do not understand it all. It is my destiny to experience and grow, and I am Divinely supported in this. We are here to teach one another no matter what it looks like through my human eyes. I am safe and loved. I choose peace.


Jeannie Campanelli, Ed.D, CPCC, is deeply committed to sparking the hearts of women and men to experience an inner confidence - that sense of wholeness, aliveness, and serenity that comes from deeply knowing yourself, fully accepting the lightness and darkness of being human, and living freely by standing in your own truth.

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