"I Want to Be Me"

Through my years as a coach, I've heard this phrase voiced many times - "I want to be me!" This want usually includes - "I want to say no without guilt" and "It's okay to do what's right for me". On the other side of the coin, there's a pull to 100% agree with others, avoid confrontation, or do something that isn't in line with one's heart.

What is the path to being yourself? How do you follow your heart instead of what you think you should do?

Firstly, it's important to stop and get in touch with the heart. Are you happy? If not, what is happening that isn't feeling good to you? Allowing yourself to feel what's there without the story is a way to open the heart to the present moment.

And then in the quiet, ask yourself: what is my heart yearning for? What is it that I truly want? Listening to what is shared - even if you don't want to hear what is said to you - is the next courageous step. Taking action is the third whether that be a gentle no to someone who might be disappointed or honestly sharing what's happening for you to someone you love.

A wonderful voice of the heart is the body which can serve as a compass. When you have choices to make - a 'yes' or a 'no' - which one energizes you?

Navigating through the window of the heart can be a challenging path in which it really helps to have a witness - a witness to be with you in Presence as you make your way.


It's important for me to listen to my own heart. I am worthy of this respect and love. I stay present to the yes's and no's that want to be expressed by my true nature.

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