Here I Go Again/The Same Old Over and Over...

When you hear the words "the same old over and over" or "Here we go again", what do you think of? Is it an old habit that you don't like? Over and over feelings that cause pain? A part of your life that you wish would change? A dynamic in a relationship that you want to go away? Or does your mind go to blessings in your life that you really appreciate? Simply notice.

As a coach, I hear all sides of life - the habits that don't work, the painful feelings, the ups and downs of relationships, circumstances that are wished to be different, and what feels wonderful. There is no right or wrong in all of this - it's life. Our experiences support us in growth and expansion - whatever those experiences look or feel like.

The words in this blog's title(s) typically lead our thoughts to what isn't working for us (in our view). Everyone has a pattern that gets triggered by different scenarios and is essentially the same old story. And as humans, it's what we perceive as problems that usually encourage us to explore our deepest learning.

What is the learning for you in your 'over and over'? What is your story that shows up a little differently each time AND not that different when it comes right down to it? It's usually one that is based on early conditioning and/or trauma and reappears again and again. Some typical ones are - I am unloveable, I am not important, something is wrong with me, I am not good enough...

It's important to know your 'over and over' story and to question its truth. Freedom is on the other side.


I pay attention to the 'over and over's' in my life. "Here we go again' teaches me about myself and what is here for me to learn. I explore - I accept - I feel the resistance to feel - I feel without the story - and my body lets go. If I need to, I choose a witness who will lead me through this process so I understand it deep in my bones. I give myself the gift of freedom to respond rather than react to all that occurs in my life. I write new stories.

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