Heart Fullness

What does your heart yearn for? Go to a quiet place within yourself and keep asking this powerful question. What do you discover?

For many, the answer that floats to the surface is all about love. A deep yearning for love.

And does the following fit you? Yearning for love and looking to find it out there - somewhere. Seeking. Working hard to be 'good enough' to receive love. Pleasing. Trying hard. Giving until depleted. Taking care of until resentment creeps up. Taking 150% responsibility in relationships. Striving.Pushing. Manufacturing. Pressuring.

So much inner confidence can be dripped away from our hearts when we look and look for love - out there. Even when and, sometimes particularly when, we're with those who are closest to us in our lives.

What would be different if we released the charge of two opposite beliefs: "No one loves me" and "They love me"? What would it be like to land in the present - even just for moments at a time without searching, grasping, pressuring, pushing - all for the sake of finding love?

In the present, love is there - vibrating, expanding, permeating, filling, relaxing into, resting - through the heart. The veils drop away


It is safe to let go of the yearning and to truly find what I am looking for. Love is all around and within me. My heart is full. I know true inner confidence.

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