Finding Bliss...

What does bliss mean to you? What 'being' states are components of feeling blissful to you?

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For example, a sense of flow, equanimity (embracing and experiencing all of life and being connected to an inner sense of peace, a grounded peace) and self-acceptance are all feeling states that support my own definition of bliss.

There's another component to this thread. How does bliss feel in your body? Getting the sensations of bliss at a body level is a support for you to be in bliss - even in the midst of chaos. You will be there at the core of you in spite of the circumstances that surround you. There's much potential for personal freedom and wholeness in deeply experiencing bliss.

Finding bliss is very separate from going after or grasping or striving or chasing bliss. Actually, finding bliss is about opening your mind to it and then noticing its presence, especially at a body/heart level. When I feel a flow and ease no matter what is happening around me, I am on the river of bliss. I simply notice.

Again, what is bliss to you? What does it feel like to be moving downstream on the river of life? Trusting? Accepting? Open-hearted? Courageous? Close your eyes and find this place within you. Smile. Celebrate.

In the midst of chaos (separate from getting in touch with that place of grounded peace/bliss), take the time to also address what's there for you to explore and learn. There is a powerful worksheet at - click under Login to ON-Line Programs and register. The Miracle Worksheet is free and worth a visit (s).


I incline my mind toward my definition of bliss. I take the time to notice its presence. I cultivate bliss at a body level, deeply sensing and honouring this most sacred of places.


Jeannie Campanelli, Ed.D, CPCC, is deeply committed to sparking the hearts of women and men to experience an inner confidence - that sense of wholeness, aliveness, and serenity that comes from deeply knowing yourself, fully accepting the lightness and darkness of being human, and living freely by standing in your own truth.

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