Gliding through the Stress of Change ~ with Confidence



There is so much change that we experience through life -  change itself can’t be avoided.  With each change, like a new job or loss of a job, a new relationship or the death of a relationship, a new baby arriving or a young adult moving out to create an independent life, there is stress.  Every change in your circumstances can challenge the inner you - whether that change is wanted or unwanted, considered good or bad.

When you turn awareness within in an honest way, you see habitual patterns that stop  you from moving toward what is most meaningful to you. These patterns can run you at an unconscious level but once you see them, you want to change them.

Take a moment to reflect upon what you’ve noticed when you try hard to force or make a change happen.  What is the impact when your intention in making a change is to fix yourself?

My own experience is that fixing or forcing or trying hard doesn’t work.  All of these behaviours are founded upon avoidance and resistance to what is.  You are disliking what you see or are wanting to run from where you actually are, usually because it’s uncomfortable.  Or, you are so comfortable with the habitual discomfort that the mind has created, it becomes scary to move beyond the story into what is virtually unknown.

The freedom comes from honestly seeing the pattern without beating yourself up for it.  You learn to embrace it, as it is, by being mindful of all that is happening within you.

In the It’s MY Life! program, much time and focus is spent on building acceptance using mindfulness and tapping into the wisdom of the body and the heart.  Step by gentle step, each person learns the power of being with themselves and their life, AS IS.   In this world of fixing, advising, saving, changing, this is no small task.

From here, gradually, new possibilities unfold.  Change naturally happens when the status quo doesn’t feel threatened.  A spark arises. There is a pull in the heart to move on to what is next.  Trust in the self and life itself grows.  You learn to like the small changes, to trust the change, and to trust yourself within the change.  The unknown gradually becomes known.  What is most meaningful to you draws you forward again and again and again.

Embracing the unknown which is really what change is about is a gentle process that is worth embarking on in every way.