Gathering Together

David and I gather both of our families together each year to celebrate Easter/Spring. It ends up being quite the crowd for a sit-down meal of ham and stuffed turkey and everything else that goes along with it.

It's so much fun to have everyone at our home, and we choose to continue doing this for as many years that we can. We love giving back to our generous families in this way and really put our hearts into making it special for everyone.

And...I notice that with anything in life, it comes with its challenges. A lot of work is involved to prepare the house and food as well as to be 'in-the-moment' attentive to the needs of approximately twenty guests. To put it simply, we were on the move for three and a half days. After the final clean-up, we gave ourselves the luxury of doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day - we were that tired.

How does what I have shared fit with 'inner confidence' and 'claiming your life as your own'? Firstly, this is all about choice for us - we want to do this. There is no part in any of it that comes from a 'should' place. Giving in this way is in line with our values so any price tag that comes with it is worth it.

Secondly, I realized that I was stressed by the 3rd day when old conditioning/stories showed up in my mind, and I had less access to the Observer who simply notices. What is my learning in this? How do I pace myself while living my values? Trusting that all will get done, breathing, stopping to relax - all those practices and more help me get back on track and connected to my core. When I'm coming from that place, ease occurs.

I got to experience contrast this year with a clear intention that next Easter will be all about giving AND pacing.


I accept all the parts of myself - embracing each quality's lightness and darkness. I appreciate the learning that's there for me. All is well.

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