Fully Alive

Joseph Campbell wrote: "I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive". What does it mean to "be alive"?  we already alive just by the fact that we're breathing? My experience tells me - yes, breathing does mean we're alive....and could also be preceded by the word, 'just'. Being fully alive which I think Joseph Campbell was referring to, for me, means that I am engaged, in the present, alert, noticing, grounded and filled with vitality. I love that feeling when I'm there - an in-the-body knowing and a place of deep appreciation for what is. Full aliveness also means that I'm feeling all of my feelings - including sadness, grief and pain. 

What does it mean to you? What brings you a sense of aliveness? What are you tolerating that takes away your sense of aliveness? How much of the angst in your life comes from the way you think?


I appreciate the sacredness of my life. I engage with it all - the challenges and the joys. I am alive!


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