Flying High

A client of mine is exploring the place in her life of simply 'being' instead of a lifetime focus on 'doing'. This journey draws her away from feeling driven to accomplish what she thinks she ' should' get done in order to be successful or please others. Instead, she is more and more often living in the present which is making a huge difference in her level of well-being and life satisfaction. She loves nature and uses what she sees in nature to deepen her own learning. She explained to me her 'aha' moment when she observed the birds surrounding her while walking in the woods.

Singularly beautiful, birds are not focussed on their mark on the world. No living creature might see them as they fly and sing to their heart's content, making their way throughout their days moment to moment in freedom. Birds simply 'be' and do what they do for the joy of life.


As I reach inside to my inner being, breathe and feel my feet on the earth, I, too, am in the present moment. In this place of being at rest within myself, I simply am. In the moment, I see the big picture of life with new eyes that nourish me. I am grateful.


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