Flowing Downstream...

There is a wonderful phrase that is commonly used, 'the river of life'.

A river has its course. It moves with the twists and turns that appear moment by moment. It flows over obstacles. Sometimes the current is fast, so fast the river is made up of rapids of seemingly chaos. At other times, the movement appears to be slow, yet is always moving forward, connected to the whole.

Moving downstream means you are listening to Life, flowing with the circumstances and challenges of Life, and being with what is in the moment. 'Trying' to move upstream occurs when you are fighting what is present.

Regarding feelings in the river of Life: when a feeling  arises and is a very familiar one, an old current of past conditioning, moving upstream is fighting it.  Trying to fix it or change it is trying to go upstream.  Resisting it in any way imaginable is going against the natural current.  It doesn't work and supports a belief that life is so hard.

Moving downstream is being with the feeling.  Welcoming it.  Noticing where it lives in the body.  Allowing it to be fully felt to its peak.  Trusting that, like the river, change is always happening. Relaxing and letting go of control is going with the flow.  Life, like the river, unfolds in its own way and time.


When a familiar feeling arises, practice the art of moving downstream.  Feel it. Explore what is underneath that feeling and feel some more.  Continue going deeper and deeper, layer by layer, until you reach the bed of the river. And feel that, too.


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