Finding Our Way

To begin, we need to look at how we lose our way. For myself, I notice I can lose my way when I get caught up in the busyness of life. Like the last couple of days. I'm going away for a week (far from my computer) and so am going through the list of to-do's that need to get done in order to do that.

When I stop, I notice. A little edgier. A lot tenser. That 'happy camper' space somewhere out in the distance from where I am.  And just that act of noticing gets me back in touch.

The other times that I can personally lose my way are when I get caught up in what other people think...or any form of people pleasing. Or if I go unconscious and stop noticing the present moment and my place in it.

What are your patterns? And what does it take for you to get back on track?


I observe myself today with great curiosity and love. I step into the present moment with my breath and my willingness to fully inhabit my body. I enter the stillness with each breath and feel the abundance of life wash over me.


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