Finding Joy

What draws us forward to truly claim our lives as our own is when we listen to our hearts - truly and deeply. It's difficult to awaken the joy within us when we are bending ourselves to fit someone else's life. In other words, listening to and following someone else's heart can lead us astray from feeling our own joy. I coached a mother of a baby yesterday and, yes, even there, in that function, it is vital to pay attention to the inner self. I believe that an important part of that inner self is the inner child as that's where our deep feelings lie. In truth, I would even add that it is 'especially' important to pay attention to the inner self in this situation because the mother's happiness impacts the family in significant and powerful ways. Feeling joyful ripples outward and can create a healthy circle of light for everyone who shares her home.

What brings you joy? How are you bending yourself to fit someone else's life? Take a moment to reflect, set the intention to make YOU a priority and the 'how to's' will unfold step by step.


I move toward love and nourishment. I incline my mind to feel the joy and love that is always there for me within me. I listen to my heart.


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