Fearless Intimacy

All who come to me as clients go through a process that has them clearly identify their intentions - qualities that their heart wants to deeply experience. A client and I were reviewing her intention of fearless intimacy that she set for herself in 2007 when she left a long term relationship and began the process of consciously claiming her own life.

So much has happened since then. She has moved on to confidently enter a new relationship in which she practices fearless intimacy - a practice that has no end point, only ever-deepening layers.

What is fearless intimacy? For her, it means the vulnerability and strength that comes from letting go. To be seen as she is, to be with someone else as they are, and to stay connected to her heart throughout it all. Sometimes her heart is open; sometimes it is not. That's the nature of being human. The key is that she notices and accepts the ebb and flow of intimacy.


I practice intimacy and notice when it's fearless as well as filled with fear. I allow myself to feel both - deeply, intimately, fully. In that moment, I am intimate with myself.

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