Facing Forward

Facing Forward I’ve written a lot about inner confidence in the context of claiming your life as your own. What does it really mean to live your own life?

You turn inward. You stay connected to your heart, and your heart embraces all your feelings.



  • speak from your heart, sharing what’s meaningful to you
  • move from your heart, standing tall, feet on the ground
  • feel nourished by your heart
  • know what you deeply long for and
  • give yourself wholeheartedly to your longing

When you live in your heart, what others think about you becomes unimportant, because you are connected to yourself. You experience an inner state of being that is love itself.

Your conditioned mind isn’t running the show.

Truly facing forward begins with a decision by the mind and then evolves as you embody being present and heart-centered.

Bypassing the heart, the mind naturally moves to the past and all the memories and habits that have embedded themselves throughout the years. It takes courage and honesty to dive more deeply into the heart by opening to what is painful.

The gift is that you discover more about yourself and embrace all of you. You have the opportunity to include in your heart those who you have blamed. Your protective walls melt.

These tools can support you in facing forward and claiming your life:

  • Breathe - consciously and deeply.
  • Feel your feet ground into the earth.
  • Take time with the painful memories that are getting in the way of your heart being open. Be gentle with yourself as you explore.
  • Face the fear that stops you from moving forward.
  • Question the thoughts that you’ve considered to be the truth
  • Notice the habitual patterns that stop you from feeling vulnerable and open.
  • Look down and focus into your heart. Do it often. Be honest with yourself about what you discover.
  • Stay in touch with what is most meaningful to your heart.
  • As you face forward, ask yourself the question: what is possible now?


Find a quiet, safe place where you can sit in solitude without any distractions. Rest in your heart and open to whatever you discover - even if it's painful and uncomfortable. If you feel resistant, feel into that. It's all okay. As you are aware of the opening, include in the heart every feeling and every person that arises. Gently. Step by step.

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