Facing Everything

In Canada, the rich season of autumn has arrived. It is during this time before the bitter cold of winter that us Canadians do what we need to do: in our gardens which we put to sleep, in our closets as we gather our warm clothes together, and within our homes to ensure that we will be warm. Like the animals, we start to prepare for what is to come.

In certain situations, preparing is a necessity.

What are the ways that you prepare for what is next in your life? Across the board, do you make a plan and do your best to stick to it? Do you take the initiative or do you follow? What is your modus operandi when you are focussed on your agenda? What works for you - and what doesn’t? What are the emotions that typically arise in this? How does resistance show up?

I invite you to read more as a starting point for inner reflection. Use this time as an opportunity to increase your awareness about how you create ~ moment by moment.


As you move throughout your life, there is much opportunity to discover your desires, your dreams, your wants - and go after them with gusto. Your mind will do its best to figure out how you can reach where you want to go whether it’s through trying, pushing, analyzing, strategizing, and using power.

You might visualize your success and/or repeat positive affirmations like, “I am worthy of receiving this” or “I naturally and effortlessly create what I want”. You might check with others - friends, family, experts - to ensure you ‘get it right’. In all ways, you are working hard to get what you think is missing or what you’re afraid to lose.

The question to ask yourself is: how much is this behaviour rooted in the belief that you will gain a quality that you long for when you truly get what you think you want and/or need? Is that quality freedom or peace or happiness or love...or something else?

If any of this sounds familiar, know that there is nothing wrong with what you discover about you. There is so much humanness in whatever is driven by the conditioned mind.

A direct way to move toward what you truly long for is to drop into the heart beyond the limitations of the mind. What does your heart most want? Be in that. Affirmations and crafted visualizations are meaningless if they only come from the mind while the body and heart are facing another direction.

On this path, everything must be faced AS IT IS. The pain of emotions that are often labelled as negative or bad, beliefs that keep you stuck or on a colourless path, attachments, hanging on to past stories and emotions, patterns of behaviour that include trying hard or pleasing for self-gain. Everything.

The more you honestly explore and face all that is present within you without trying to change it or make it wrong, the more a natural flow comes into existence. Step by gentle step.

The true heart, the one heart, the simple heart, embraces everything that is seen through Awareness itself. It is a process to attain this state of true acceptance. It is here where possibility lies for life to have its way - and to trust that Life’s way is perfection itself.

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