The Essence of the Lotus Flower


Life. Purity.  Beauty.  Awakening. Clarity in heart and mind. Potential. Longevity.

The lotus flower is seen as growing naturally toward the light of truth, love, and compassion. It may appear fragile on the surface, yet it is flexible and strong, securely anchored under the surface of the water.  Symbolic of the purity of body, speech, and mind, the lotus emerges from the water clean.

Honored and respected throughout centuries of time, this flower represents what is possible when we nurture the beingness part of ourselves as human beings.  In this, our potential  rises through the muddy waters of life ~ clear, awake, pure, and open-hearted.

When we place our attention inward to honestly see and embrace all that we find, the beautiful qualities like the lotus naturally shine through the very essence of our being.  

Consider this. Our inner knowing recognizes when we are with someone whose essence is visible and tangible.  We smile. We feel accepted and loved just as we are.  We experience greater stillness.  We are in our body - aware, alert, and present.  We get clear. We are drawn to being with the naturalness, aliveness, and simplicity of this person.

We experience the gift of living from essence, simply being, in such a free and effortless way.

How do you nurture living your life from the essence of who you are?  How does the lotus flower show you the way?

  •  You notice - your body sensations, your emotions, your thoughts, images, metaphors, the inner voice of past authority figures - from the observer, that which is aware of it all.
  • You practice honesty. You watch the habit of trying to control or suppress or fix what you discover within. You practice the art of simply seeing what is there to be seen, as it is.
  • You directly experience in your body what is present to be experienced - without judgment, without a story, without the expectation that you should be different.
  • You value neutrality by embracing feeling uncomfortable as well as feeling comfortable.  You simply notice the habit of chasing after feeling good.
  • You take responsibility for what is happening within you, trusting that all can be used to open your heart.
  • You stop fighting the mind’s critical thoughts.  Keep drawing your attention down into the heart.
  • You develop inner resources to support you in embodying new ways to move beyond the limitations of your conditioning.
  •  You practice being centered and grounded as you interact with your world.
  • You use the metaphor of the lotus flower to inspire you.


“Sitting quietly, doing nothing, the Spring comes and the grass grows, by itself.” ~ Thich   Nhat   Haln


 Ask those who are close to you about the singular way the beauty of your essence is expressed in the world. 

Value these qualities that you naturally express.  

Notice what nurtures them. 

Love shaping your life according to these qualities.