Equality - Its Exploration Continues

I am equal. You are equal. The Karpman's Triangle, a classic and most helpful visual, demonstrates what it looks like when we come from either a superior or inferior role. It is made up of an inverted triangle with Persecutor at the top left hand point, Rescuer at the top right hand point and Victim at the bottom point. Persecutor and Rescuer are superior roles; Victim is inferior. We move around this triangle and act out these different roles during a dynamic and, we usually come from one position more often than another in our lives, in general.

Take a moment and draw the triangle. Think about a recent challenging dynamic with another and reflect: where were you on this triangle most often?  Just notice.

Then take a moment to imagine yourself stepping out of these kinds of dynamics.  What would you life be like?

Visualize yourself as a tree (for me, I love redwood trees so imagine myself as on). Imagine your roots going deep down to the earth. Imagine your crown on top of your head reaching for the sky, connected to all that is. Nourished. One. Resourceful. Strong.

Look around and see other trees and imagine that they represent the people in your life. All of you...equal, resourceful, nourished, supported. You are equal. They are equal. What do you notice from this place? What's different?


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