Embracing the Learning of Life

In today's world, we are all challenged to consistently open ourselves to learning something new. Life requires this from all of us. New technology, changing weather, a shifting economy, new careers or the upgrading of current ones, staying healthy, adjusting to the natural transitions of aging - the list of what is there for us to learn and adapt to goes on and on.

As I return from intensive training in California as a coach, I notice that I am in the midst of a high degree of change/learning - albeit learning that I initiated as I saw a need. I love this stage and realize that what makes it particularly appealing to me is that I see the potential for growth that comes from what I am learning - the real difference it could make in people's lives, including my own. The stress (even if it's good stress, it's still stress) is worth it to me.

There's another piece here. Learning something new is only one step in the bigger picture. The real challenge is integrating the learning of what is new into life. For instance, I am now integrating this new style of coaching into my work with clients as well as how I lead my own life. If new learning isn't applied to life in some concrete way (even if what you learned is a way to simply add fun to your life), learning for its own sake can become just a way to pass the time.

The other element to learning that makes it wonderful is that the very process of learning something new has the potential to be challenging and stimulating. For instance, I notice that I need to be very alert and present in order to powerfully apply what I learned while away to each coaching session. In this place, I feel very alive.

What helps us to embrace learning? Seeing its value. Really getting that we are essentially at choice - always. Practically integrating what we are learning into our daily lives so a difference is made to the quality of our life and, therefore, and the lives of those around us. Noticing and appreciating the aliveness that comes from opening ourselves up to learning and applying something new.


I see myself as the chooser, as the creator. I allow myself to feel any resistance to learning. I notice any points of view that stop me from learning. In the feeling what is there to feel, in the noticing of the thoughts of the mind, in the awareness of the sensations in the body, I am present and open to learn.

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