Embracing Change

I will not be coaching or writing until June 16th as I will be away at a retreat with Arjuna Ardagh, the author of "The Translucent Revolution" (plus many other books), to explore awakening - both the living and coaching of this state of being.

I am open and very much looking forward to the changes that will come from this focussed and powerful training. Typically, we think of change as related to outer circumstances. This time with Arjuna, immersed in the work of awakening, is about change on the inside to be radiated outward in ways that will unfold with time.

In this complex world, we are required to make many outer changes. The ability to flow with change, to embrace change, is very valuable. A way to support us in accepting change is to touch a deep part of ourselves that is infinitely constant - and then find ways to open that portal into our core often so it becomes a practice and the foundation for our Life. The stillness beneath the turbulent waters of change is there for us as a place of love and refuge.


I invest in getting and staying connected to my core. Through this practice, I am able to navigate my way through change with grace. I trust Life.

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