Eat Pray Love

Finally I have sat down to read this book...a book that so many clients and friends told me that I 'have to' read. They were right. It is a delight, and I'm noticing that I'm already not wanting it to end. I have just completed the first third of the book - the Eat section of Liz Gilbert's journey- which touched me and reminded me of my Italian heritage (as well as my own history in marriage).

I am remembering my family's strong message that it is okay to do nothing and just relax....the wonders of making something out of nothing....and the art of pleasure. My father's biggest message was to make sure we always included fun in our lives. Just reading this section brought back so many memories of food and pleasure and doing 'nothing' that were all part of my past...and present when I consciously remember. That I am now with a partner who takes great pleasure in preparing, taking photos of and eating food is no accident.

How do we define pleasure? This is a wonderfully powerful question that is the central focus of her time in Italy. I love this question and see its power to be tapped into every day of our lives. Part of claiming our own lives is making time for ourselves. Knowing what brings us pleasure and following through with what we discover supports us in having an intact sense of self.


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