Disappearing in the Giving

Have you ever had the thought that you will disappear if you continue giving and giving to others? It's a strong way of saying that without paying attention to our needs, we can find ourselves eventually with little left to give. We get disconnected from our core.

When energy going out isn't balanced with energy coming in, we can become depleted. The immune system reflects this energy deficiency, leaving us open to depression and possibly illness.

What is another way? There is an art in deeply taking care of ourselves.  It is only from this place that we can truly give to others without attachment.

How can you give to yourself right now? What would you have to believe in order to do that?


It is important that I to deeply take care of myself.  It is essential for me to rest and be.  I am worthy.  I am open to learning how to do this in a way that my inner child feels deeply loved and nurtured. I ask for help.


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