Detaching from Your Pain-Body

Eckhart Tolle talks about the pain-body; in coaching terminology, we call it the Gremlin. His description in "A New Earth" of the pain-body that resides in all of us is powerful and worthy of reading.

You will be inspired. You will grow in awareness. And the challenge will be to put what you will know into practice. The challenge is to walk your talk. This book helps you realize what you didn't know, what you may have been in denial about. The next stage will be to contemplate if youd like to change your identification with your ego/pain-body. Then it means preparing for how you will do that. After that comes putting all your intention into action.

My experience tells me that it is essential to provide a structure so that you move through these stages as it can be challenging to step out of an old comfort zone or way of being without support. How will you maintain the focus for change and move through each stage of change in spite of the challenges?

Consider hiring a coach.  Experience tells me it makes all the difference in your inner confidence.


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