Delving Into Yourself

Carl Jung wrote: "There is no coming to consciousness without pain".

When we can't sit still and simply 'be' and instead follow the urge to stay busy, we may be avoiding /resisting our feelings.  It's human to NOT want to feel pain.  And it can be destructive. Addictions arise from our resistance. Stress. Numbness. Loss of vitality. Ill health. The list goes on.

What makes the difference? What helps us say yes to where we're at in an honest, open way?

Firstly, it's setting the intention to be with whatever arises as we tune in and notice. This is different than acting out feelings in destructive ways. Secondly, there are skills to develop that support us in being with 'what is' in a graceful way that promotes wholeness.

It's a lifetime practice to foster and nurture our ability to truly feel. It's a practice to be aware of our body's sensations, which accompany our feelings. It is this consciousness that enables us to navigate through the pain and challenges of life and be present to the joy.

Pausing. Separating the story from the feeling. Allowing ourselves to experience the energy of whatever feeling that is present. Deeply knowing any painful feeling is simply turbulence that has come to visit for awhile and will pass.

To take the time and energy to learn, to receive the needed support, to invest in ourselves - all this and more are gifts that we give ourselves on our path toward Consciousness.


Navigating the pain-body until I reach the other side is a skill that is worth fostering. Life offers so much - I am ready to experience it all.


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