Decisions, Decisions, Decisions....

We are all required to make decisions in our lives - a lot. There are decisions to make that are a part of daily living - like what food to eat, entertainment to choose, book to buy, restaurant to dine at, issue to raise with someone close - the list goes on and on. There are BIG decisions around our careers, our intimate relationships/marriage, and our health. As leaders in the context of our families or businesses, there are a myriad of important decisions to make that potentially impact many.

How do you make decisions? What do you notice about your own process to decide?

For many, logic, emotions or a mixture of both drive what decision we make. There is some variability in this, depending on the nature of the decision. Our emotions likely don't decide if, for instance, we're going to invest in a certain stock - or not.

I've talked previously about using the body as a compass - the body that lives in the present and NOT in the past or future so is unencumbered by the boxes into which our minds can lock us. The increase or decrease of energy gives us additional information which might be very helpful to us.

There are times when a decision is required, and we're really not sure what to do. We have the data from our logical minds, our wisdom/experience, our emotions, our bodies. Yet, there is more that is needed as a sense of doubt is present.

It is these times when spending time alone and in silence helps us to get in touch with our deeper knowing - that which is beyond our mind, emotions, and body sensations.


I take the time to be in silence. I listen. I wait...and wait...and wait until I know beyond a doubt. This is in integrity. This is what I will do.

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