Dealing with Resistance on the Path to Inner Confidence

Resistance is a big word that has lots of undercurrents. Resistance impacts the pleasure we get out of life, the peace of mind we experience, the flow and ease of how we move through life's demands and challenges. It can stop us from receiving love, reaching success (at least our definition of it), and creating great relationships.

Resistance shows up in everyone's life. It's a human trait. We deal it with others and within our own selves. If we pay attention, we can become aware of what it feels like in our own body as it shows up there. We may say yes on the outside while our body is clearly telling us it's a no.

Resistance blocks the energy of Life. No, we don't want to feel that particular feeling. We tell ourselves that particular feeling is negative or use logic to try to talk ourselves out of the reality of what we're feeling. We resist (or at least try to as whatever we resist persists) thinking those thoughts. We resist owning a particular quality within ourselves which we judge as not okay. We project onto others behaviours or feelings or qualities because we resist claiming them as our own. We resist being vulnerable or open because we just might feel pain.

How do we be with resistance?

Firstly, the key is to notice resistance. Become aware. Be honest. Secondly, allow yourself to completely feel the resistance - like all feelings, it is important to embrace what's there. It might help to say out loud, "I'm resistant" over and over in order to dive into what's present. Breathing. Relaxing into. Blessing.


I take the time to get to know how resistance shows up in my own life. I open to feel the resistance that's there - with honesty, love and acceptance. In this act alone, I experience inner confidence.

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