Confidence - A Balancing Act

Have you noticed that your level of confidence can move up and down the scale, depending on what's going on and how you're reacting to it all? I believe that everyone has insecure moments of self-doubt. In other words, all of us can feel off-center emotionally at varying times in a day.  Being triggered by our 'stuff' and uncomfortable with what we're feeling is part and parcel of being alive. A busy day with lots to do can have us feel rushed and pressured to get tasks done which can create a sense of being ungrounded.

The key is being with our vulnerability. The flip side of self-doubt is that we question ourselves. We have the opportunity to grow. We get to develop empathy for others because we understand from our own experiences. Balancing confidence is all about riding the waves...being with what comes up gently and lovingly.


I rejoice in being alive. When I allow myself to feel the full range of feelings that show up in my heart, I know that I am IN life. I'm emotionally honest with myself. I am confident in my wonderful humanity.


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