Busy Days

How do we create balance for ourselves each day?  In claiming our lives as our own, a beginning point is taking the time to connect to ourselves and get clear on where we're at.  It is only from that place that we can take the next inspired and true step in our journeying. As time goes by, I really get the importance of the practice of mindfulness which is rooted in ritual.  Time for a spiritual practice each day that includes meditation and prayer, time for exercise, time to play, time to be with those who are in our in our inner circle of loved ones - those closest to us; all are important.

I know that I can get caught up in working at my practice - the writing, the coaching, the building - and can forget about all the rest of me that needs to be nurtured.   What about you?

Today let's take the time to nourish our hearts and souls.


I am worthy.  I receive all that is there for me.  I take the time to enjoy what nourishes my heart and soul.


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