Celebrating your birthday is a wonderful way to treat yourself and honour your life.  Self-acknowledgment, self-appreciation, self-love - each of these states can be reinforced by taking time for our birthday celebration in ways that work for us. I just celebrated a birthday that lasted the month of June.  I admit - I didn't directly set up any of what happened for me this time - and I have created a history that encompasses years of celebrating both my own and others' birthdays in little and big ways.

I love birthdays and this year was no different.  I realize that in receiving, I'm giving as the sharing that comes from birthdays is all about love.  And love energy that expands our hearts is so, so compelling.  We relax.  We breathe deeply.  And we can't help but get in touch with the oneness of us all.


I take the time to celebrate the birthdays of all whom I love, including myself.  Without expectations,  I receive what is there for me to receive. In the fullness of receiving, I give.  I do what I need to do to make sure that on my special day, I feel nourished.  I honour rituals.  I claim my life.  I acknowledge who I am growing into.  I celebrate life.


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