Beyond Our Personal Story into Confidence

This spring, the process of unloading books, dusting them off, and rearranging them on newly-painted shelves gave me a surprising insight. Many of the books that mean the most to me are focused on the mystical path of present-day living. I hadn’t realized the many years that I’ve been called to this path. I have learned that living in the present, on a day-to-day basis, is a deep and very rewarding practice that unfolds throughout a lifetime. Like no other, this multifaceted  calling is the road to true inner confidence.

Beyond Our Personal Story into Confidence

The stories we create about ourselves, such as “I’m not good enough”, are simply thoughts that run through the confines of the mind. Our stories are a natural part of being human. But all stories are rooted in conditioning, the habitual pattern embedded in the personality.

We tend to believe that our stories and our thoughts are the truth. But they are not.

When we accept a thought/story without questioning it, there are consequences.  For instance, the thought that “I’m not good enough” can place highly protective walls around the heart and keep others at a distance. It can encourage running on the treadmill of doing, and then doing more, to prove ourselves.  To try to get love from another. To spend a lifetime trying to fix ourselves.

The thought “I’m not good enough” can lead to feelings of sadness, anger, disappointment, resentment, and despair. They are a natural part of being human.

But the mind wants to avoid these feelings, and it believes that the way to avoid them is to fix ourselves so that we won’t feel emotions that are uncomfortable.

The belief that we must fix ourselves is like all other stories. It causes us to suffer.

There is nothing to fix.

Instead, we can use every feeling as a gateway into the body and, particularly, into the heart. When we allow ourselves to experience these feelings in all of their realness, without any story attached to it, we naturally experience the present moment.  An opening occurs. We experience who we truly are, separate from what our mind tells us we are.

We drop down into presence itself.

We rest in the body. Aware of our senses. Ready to smile or cry or express what’s here now.

Connected to the earth, as part of the earth, we are ready to truly create.

We may create a relationship that delves into pure love, a book, a garden, or a card that reaches out to a friend honestly expressing what has been previously unsaid. A moment of true presence can birth a multitude of creations and possibilities.

There is nothing more than this. Life is so simple.

Beyond the mind, beyond the story, rests your true self - fresh in this moment. Connected to your body, to your aliveness. Listening. In Deep Love. Ready to give your precious gifts in your own unique way.


Think of a story - one that has followed you throughout your life. Perhaps it’s “I’m not good enough”, or something like it. What have been the consequences of believing this thought on the quality of your life?

Ask yourself: is this story true? Do I know that it’s really true in every way?  Make it a practice to keep asking this each time the story arises.

Simply notice.

With Love,


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