Being with What Is

Life brings with it moments that are difficult to be with - it's the same for all of us. How do we be with those difficult moments with grace? What is asked of us - called forth within us - in those moments?

What I have noticed is that part of the challenge in being with difficulties is our resistance and struggle with what is. We can feel anxious, alone, disconnected from ourselves , stuck, that something is missing - all painful emotions to experience. All part of life. And, yet, we want to avoid these emotions - run, deny, disown, numb out - what is, usually through endless activity.

Arjuna Ardagh in "The Translucent Revolution" talks about the "Iago Trance". He writes that Iago, a character in Shakespeare's play, "Othello", is "a state of mind; he can't be seen, he lives in the shadows. Yes his influence is found everywhere." He goes on to describe that it's the voice of collective conditioning - "problem-based living" that is all about struggle.

When we stop and inquire - who am I...really? - we experience the part of us that observes, that feels connected to spirit, that has access to deep wisdom and truth. How do we stay connected to our spirit, to Presence, so that in the midst of whatever is happening out there that we are reacting to, we are able to trust and surrender to what is? How do we stay in touch with this place of deep connection to ourselves where we know that we are loved and supported and feel grateful?

That is the true challenge. The first step is being aware of our deepest yearning. Today take the time to ask yourself - what is your deepest yearning? What is not being met in your life that you want more than anything else?


In the midst of difficult moments, I open to experiencing the benevolent energy around me that deeply loves and supports me. I surrender. I trust. I am grateful.

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