Being with Our Feelings

There's a wonderful acronym that was devised by meditation teacher, Michele McDonald called RAIN.  Integrating this is a process which grows with the special focus of a powerful coaching relationship. R stands for stopping, checking inside and recognizing our feelings.  I would add - with love.

Allowing all feelings to be felt is the A in RAIN.  Noticing and being with them without trying to fix or logically talk ourselves out of feeling what we're feeling is a loving act of kindness toward ourselves.

The I stands for investigating how it feels in our bodies - noticing the sensations in our boy, following the energy of the feeling and being in the present moment.

The N is about not taking it personally - really getting as humans that feelings come and go.  It's just energy.  We don't have to make a judgment or story about us because we're feeling what we're feeling.

The additional piece is that after we have given ourselves this loving space, we can separate what is true from what is made up.  We can honestly look at what is simply a 'story' that we've told ourselves.  We examine the facts.  And from this new place, we can take action...or not.


I accept my feelings. I lovingly listen to, be with and hold all of my feelings.  From this quiet place inside of me of simply noticing and feeling, I feel nurtured and deeply heard. I trust myself that I will act according to what's really true and wisely respond to any situation.


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