Being with Family over the Holidays

This can be a challenging time for some who have difficult relationships with certain family members. There can be a sense of dread regarding what is to come instead of a sense of excitement and ease.

How do you make it different this year? Here are some ideas that might spark you into a new frame of mind.

  • You are responsible for only your journey in life. Their journey (choices) is their own to figure out. This belief supports you in staying in your own business.
  • Notice if you have the belief that you have to express your feelings in order to be real. The truth is that there is a distinction between expressing your feelings and simply feeling them. Recognizing and allowing yourself to feel your feelings is what's powerful. On an energetic level, others know when there are clear boundaries.
  • There is a simple and lovely tool from Brain Gym. Imagine a white X over the person that is challenging for you to be around. Somehow it neutralizes the energy surge that you might have around that person and supports you in staying in your power.
  • Practice the art of detachment which is NOT indifference. It's truly being able to see the confusion in someone else's actions and separate their behaviour from who they truly are. Compassion results as well as an ability to be with what is without trying to control it all.

Feel free to write in and give your ideas. What has worked for you during times when you experienced stressful family get-togethers?

And stay tuned for more on this timely topic...


I am on my journey; they are on theirs. I can choose to express my feelings...or not. I reflect on my intention. Am I relating or controlling?


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