Being Real

Being Real
The days fly by, sometimes so quickly that we forget to breathe consciously. To stop and be still. To be fully in the moment. We forget to do the rich practices that can deeply alter our quality of life.

One of the deepest practices is to simply rest in the heart and notice what is present. In the heart, you may discover a vibration that is actually painful to feel.

The invitation is to fully be with this vibration, without attaching a story to it. This becomes part of a larger practice to get comfortable with the discomfort of pain in your heart. It’s natural to do our best at ignoring this pain, but if you give it your steadfast attention, a doorway into the deep will open.

If you mostly live in the realm of the mind, you know what it’s like to ‘try’ to control what you’re thinking and, consequently, feeling. You’re familiar with the severe voice of your inner critic. You know how to pretend that all is well when it honestly isn’t.

What habits have you developed to help you pretend? Do you grab something to eat even when you’re not hungry? Talk a lot? Focus ‘out there’ on everybody else but ignore your own needs and desires? Do you move through your “to-do” list with ruthless efficiency? Watch television instead of interacting with your partner?

What do you do to protect your heart from feeling the pain - and also the joy - of truth?

When you work hard to feel good, you are submerged in an addiction. And like any addiction, it can take away your vitality along with your ability to get to know ALL of you.

Inner confidence is about accepting whatever feeling arises, without any ‘shoulds’ or ‘shouldn’ts’. In the heart, there are no stories.

Practice welcoming every vibration you discover in your heart, and you will experience freedom. Thoughts fall away, and all feelings that are present actually lead you home to yourself. You remember who you are. This is the doorway into the love and peace that this season celebrates.

Today, find a creative way to remember to stop. Breathe. Rest in your heart. Notice what’s there and fully welcome it - even if it doesn’t feel good. Be tender, kind and gentle. In this place, beyond the surface, beyond circumstances, relish your aliveness.

In the spirit of being complete and not finished,

With love,


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Photo by Monica Saaty at, used with permission