Being Enough

When we search and search with the intention to fix ourselves by taking one more course, seeing one more holistic practitioner, learning one more piece of information - we are on a road to frustration. To clarify, this kind of learning (what some people call personal growth) isn't coming from a deep knowing that we're okay just the way we are, and we just want to expand our hearts to life at an even deeper level. Instead the frantic urgency to grow comes from the belief that we are NOT enough. It comes from believing that there is a destination for us to reach where we are will be altogether. It's the search for that tool that will fix us for good - once and for all.

In this perspective, we're going upstream - fighting the current of life. We're not living our lives - enjoying the range of emotion and experiences that make us uniquely ourselves, human and vulnerable and perfect in our imperfections. We don't get that life is a process. Our eye is on some future place when we finally 'get it'.

And...we are ignoring the paradox of life. We are already enough. We are perfect. It's all there for us - even more there for us when we stop and relax and notice.

I love coaching as it leaves it up to the client to drive the agenda not from a place of being broken or in need of being fixed. There's no focus on the past and trying to clear up all that is in the unconscious. That would be a never ending journey. Instead the focus is on how to celebrate life, live from our strengths, be in the moment, feel engaged in what we're doing so we feel the vitality that's part of truly living, and relating to ourselves and those around us in clear and loving ways to the best of our ability. It lives in the paradox. We're perfect now, and there's always room for expansion if we choose.


I live my life in process, knowing that I am enough in this moment. I am okay.


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