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In Arjuna Ardagh's latest blog at, he talks about an event - Awakening Coaching that took place at the beginning of June in California - and its impact on all of the participants who came from around the globe to learn how to apply this work into their current coaching practices. As many of you know who read this blog regularly, I was one of these participants.

In this blog, Arjuna has this to say about awakening:

People want benefits.  It is understandable. We want to see an upgrade on the airline seat, and the stereo and the car and the house. Once we've got some of all that, then we want an upgrade on our friends, our relationship, our sex life. And finally we want to upgrade our thoughts, our feelings, our personalities. I want to be a better me! We are so busy rushing headlong to a better tomorrow, that we overlook the perfection of today. That is the multi billion dollar world of self improvement, which thrives on the fact that we feel not enough, that we feel cut off from ourselves and each other and from life itself. Like a fish in the water, crying out "I'm thirsty, like the son of a rich man, begging door to door".

Even a small drop of awakening pops the bubble on trying to fix and improve everything. It opens the door to everyday blessings, and transforms our relationship to life from one of consumption to one of contribution. We discover that just below the veneer of our needs and ambitions there is a magnificent gift wanting to be given, out loud, standing on the table, with the volume cranked.

When you abandon the struggle for more and better and different, and relax into your already vast and limitless presence in this moment, things evolve and get better and better all on their own. Relax into yourself, where you need nothing from anyone, and relationships get better. Relax into the stillness and vastness of your own true nature, and things come to you on their own. "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven", said the Master Jesus, "and all else will be added unto you."

There are many exercises to deepen the experience of 'awakening' and living it as a daily practice which I am excited about passing on as I have a deep, inner certainty about its power. This work supports people in moving beyond the unnecessary suffering of the mind, and I am already noticing the power of its impact on my clients.


I am open to my own true nature and its natural expression. I am ready to move beyond the over-processing mind. My deepest longing is to experience Stillness/Love.

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