Awakening and Relationships

I am very excited to be travelling to California again to assist in an Awakening retreat.  The deepening of this work into my practice is making a difference for myself as a coach and for the clients with whom I'm privileged to coach.

As I will be back to my office at about the same time as this begins, I'd like to pass on to you now a tele-seminar series that I highly recommend.  Here is the write-up distributed by Arjuna Ardagh, the coach, who is leading it.

Next Awakening Coaching 4 part Series
We start our next 4 part Awakening Coaching Series on September 12th, and this time the topic is "Dissolving Separation in Relationship."  This series includes 4 two hour classes with me, where you will learn tools from Awakening Coaching to foster greater intimacy.

As a recognized affiliate, I would appreciate that you use the following link, to register for the series or for the purchase of any of the materials or programs that call you.

Wishing you all my best in this!  I look forward to meeting you here again when I return!


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