Asking the Right Questions

One of the powerful ingredients of coaching is asking open-ended, powerful questions. Clients get to stop...reflect...and get in touch with a deeper part of themselves. They get an opportunity to be honest about what's really happening. I find that I really appreciate the power of asking important questions and that includes asking them of myself. It's not quite the same as someone who is witnessing me and asking me a question from that objective vantage point. And self-questioning - challenging ourselves to reflect with curiosity - is vital.

When I ask powerful questions such as, "What brings me joy?" or "Have I truly forgiven?" or "Is this how I really feel?", I then get still and listen to what spontaneously comes up for me. I pay attention to my body's sensations because that gives me important information. I write in my journal. I get to know aspects of myself that are helpful for me in making choices and leading a conscious life.


I take the time to ask myself important questions - questions that make a difference when the answers emerge from a deep place inside of me. I trust myself and the process of my life as I listen to my heart.


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