Aligning Oneself...

Personal integrity. Lining up our words, thoughts, feelings and actions so there is no doubt that what you are doing and who you are being 'feels right' down to your bones. That is a key ingredient of the Claim Your Life as Your Own process. This is a daily practice for me. It's a commitment that takes checking in and listening to myself. Being transparent with myself. And what I notice when I do follow what feels right for me is that it feels so good. My energy goes up. I feel clear. I let go thinking about it and move on.

It doesn't have to be about the big actually is all the little things that show up in a day that makes a difference in this. An example of this is one that I will take from my personal experience.

I was invited to a birthday open house celebration in a town that is at least two hours away through the heavy traffic of Toronto. I also have a family birthday get-together in my own area on the same day. In some ways, the decision was easy....and, yet in another way it wasn't. I really wanted to be part of my friend's party as I love and appreciate her a lot. I listened to that feeling inside that didn't feel good just leaving my response to the invitation as a simple "No". What I did was set up a time in which we could celebrate together after the party. I honoured her AND I honoured myself. Even if she wasn't pleased (she actually was), I would have been okay because it felt right and true for me. I explored my options until I got that feeling sense that this was my best.

What is a decision that you have to make? What is a choice that feels in integrity for you - whether it's deciding how to respond to a social request or buying a new outfit or making a career choice?


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