Accepting Yourself

A reader commented after reading one of my blogs that he also believed in the importance of self-acceptance and that he wasn't sure how to do it. I agree; it isn't easy to deeply and fully accept all of who we are - no matter what.

How do we begin the process of accepting ourselves?

Firstly, I think the art of accepting all of ourselves with compassion and love is a day-to-day practice that begins with the intention to do just that. Inclining our mind toward self-acceptance is the first step and an important one in leading the way toward feeling an inner confidence.

To continue on the path toward self-acceptance, it involves noticing our thoughts and challenging those that come from our critical and judgmental egos. In coaching, we name the inner critic as the Gremlin. The purpose of giving it a name is to separate our thoughts from who we truly are at our core - Consciousness itself.

Throughout this process, it is very helpful to work with a witness and champion who will maintain the focus and deepen the learning.


Today I accept myself deeply and profoundly. I notice what it feels like in my body when I practice self-acceptance. As I accept myself, the wholesome state of being accepting spreads outward to those around me. I feel an inner peace in my relationships, beginning with my primary relationship - the one with myself.


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